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Jason Jones,

Freelance Photographer

07 530 637 159

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Jason Jones is a 22-year-old photographer, originally from Dorset, who now lives in West Gloucestershire England with his two dogs and a love for photography. Having come from Dorset, he has always been surrounded by nature, and therefore enjoys hikes and the great outdoors. This is where his passion for photography began.


A Dedication to producing high-quality photographs is something Jason holds as a strong ethos in his work; from getting up at 4 am in pursuit of a stunning sunrise, to travelling the country in search of breathtaking landscapes.


Being able to connect, conjure and capture the expressions of a human and their soul through his portraits is one of Jason's greater pleasures; when on your shoot with Jason you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself in his company whilst he gets your best angles.


Having been a musician and part of a growing band for nearly a decade, he is very friendly and encouraging. He has experienced shooting music videos with his band, and therefore understands how daunting it can be in front of a camera, so do not worry.


He has an abundance of experience in shooting musicians, models, animals, infants, events, and businesses whilst striving to always learn, improve and adapt his style and ability to take photographs.


If you enjoy his landscapes photographs, or you would like to capture irreplaceable portraits of yourself, your family, your friends, or your business, he would love to hear from you.


Thank You.